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The experts in improving workplace
mental health.

Trauma-informed, holistic support to create an organisation where everyone can flourish.

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Burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma can lead to unexplained emotional swings, depression, a diminished capacity for empathy, and anger. For your business, it means your people (often your best, most caring people) become disengaged, unmotivated, and unwell. We help your organisation and staff prevent and overcome burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, and emerge with enhanced resilience and strength.


Training seminars in a range of topics designed to build strength and resilience in your teams, reducing the risk of trauma impact, burnout, compassion fatigue,

and vicarious trauma.

Peer support group work - in person or online expert guidance, fostering collaboration, cohesion, building a culture of continuous learning. One-on-one therapeutic

support is also available

Development and customisation of bespoke training materials that reflect our seminar topics for your organisation. We co-create your learning calendar with you to ensure

the best development for your people.

Clinical governance - review of existing protocols and procedures with a trauma-informed lens to further ensure staff and service user psychological safety and wellbeing.

Alison Howarth


Workplace Health Center’s founder, Alison Howarth, is an international speaker, author, and trainer. She brings lived experience to her seminars and has worked as a frontline counsellor, manager, and service designer for trauma support services for over 25 years.


During that time she developed trauma-informed programs to respond to clients impacted by trauma and to ensure emotional safety for her team members, which have been adopted by government, not-for-profit organisations, and corporate organisations; building healthier organisations, and reducing psychosocial risks in the workplace. 

Published Work

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Workplace Health Center is a registered supplier for NSW Government

This was one of the best workshops I have attended, I really enjoyed learning about the trauma aspect and how to keep yourself well at work.

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