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Since our inception, 
s been focused on building a trauma informed, research backed, quality service.

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Alison Howarth

BSc (Psych) M Couns & PsychTh’s founder, Alison Howarth, has worked as frontline counsellor, manager and service designer for trauma support services for over 25 years. During that time she developed trauma-informed programs to respond to clients impacted by trauma and to ensure emotional safety for her team members, which have been adopted by government, not for profit organisations and corporate organisations.

Now she has brought her expertise to Australian, New Zealand and other Asia Pacific Nations organisations. Three in four Australians will experience a traumatic event serious enough to create a psychological or emotional impact: natural disasters like floods and bushfires, interpersonal violence, cybercrime, accidental trauma, and loss. More people are recognising the impact that trauma and vicarious trauma can have on their emotional and psychological health, particularly during the Covid pandemic.

Our goal is to use our decades of experience, knowledge and research-based best practice to help organisations and individuals recover from the impact of trauma, move towards growth and renewal and build healthy workplaces.

Meet Alison Howarth


After decades in the trauma sector Alison is now branching out privately and building on the processes and methodologies she developed in government and corporate settings; leading a team to create evidence based, trauma informed training, protocols and processes to support organisations whose staff are helping people impacted by trauma, as well as building healthier organisations and reducing the risk of unmanaged vicarious trauma. 

This experience, combined with dedicated, ongoing research, adds depth and effectiveness to the excellent work being done with

Alison's Masters research on Vicarious Trauma has been published in the peer reviewed Australian Counselling Research Journal, Volume 15, Issue 2, 2021. 

Managing Director

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