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Service: Domestic violence awareness seminars.

Domestic and family violence awareness seminars for leadership teams and human resources.

Giving a Presentation

We work with you and your staff to create training seminars bespoke to your organisation. The seminars are held in-person or online and are designed to suit a range of adult learning styles. The seminars will enhance skills, and build confidence and knowledge for a range of audiences.

Understanding the dynamics of domestic violence seminar:

  • Designed for People Leaders, Team Leaders and Human Resources staff.

  • Resource you to understand the impacts of domestic and family violence in the individual and the workplace.

  • Explore the different types of domestic violence and their impacts, including coercive control.

  • Help you to understand the cycle of violence and why it can be so difficult to leave an abusive relationship.

We can review your existing training, and even build new modules for your ongoing use in-house.

We train your staff, managers, and leadership team to understand how workplace stress impacts on their mental health, identify pain points, and reduce risks. We support your staff to work with your clients with a strong trauma-informed practice, with compassion and healthy boundaries. Our aim is to help grow trauma-informed organisations while keeping staff psychologically safe at work. We build healthy workplaces and provide frontline trauma support.

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