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Service: Training seminars.

Organisational training seminars for frontline workers and leadership teams

Giving a Presentation

We work with you and your staff to create training seminars bespoke to your organisation. The seminars are held in-person or online and are designed to suit a range of adult learning styles. The seminars will enhance skills, and build confidence and knowledge for a range of audiences.

Topics of these sessions include:

  • Supporting employees and leadership teams to build their own trauma-informed practice for their workplace.

  • Understanding the dynamics of stress and impacts of trauma in the workplace.

  • The recognition, prevention, and management of burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma.

  • Understanding the trauma impacts of crime, including cyber-crime.

  • Understanding the dynamics and impact of domestic and family violence on individuals (clients and workers).

  • Understanding how childhood trauma influences present-day responses and reactions in relationships both at work and in personal life.

We can review your existing training, and even build new modules for your ongoing use in-house.

Any traumatic event can impact our emotional and psychological well-being. In turn, that affects our physical health and functioning, which can push us into a downward spiral. It’s essential to get help to stop that process as early as possible. With the right support organisations and staff can move forward with enhanced resilience and strength.

Vicarious trauma affects those who regularly help others who have suffered physical or mental trauma. Over time, exposure to others’ trauma can create a trauma response; which includes psychological, emotional and physical changes. It’s a common workplace issue for frontline people in emergency services, law enforcement, social services, criminal law, healthcare and others. The people most at risk are those who engage with a strong empathic connection – in other words, your most caring and dedicated team members.

We train your staff, managers, and leadership team to understand how workplace stress impacts on their mental health, identify pain points, and reduce risks. We support your staff to work with your clients with a strong trauma-informed practice, with compassion and healthy boundaries. Our aim is to help grow trauma-informed organisations while keeping staff psychologically safe at work. We build healthy workplaces and provide frontline trauma support.

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